We offer ecologically sound burials that are affordable, simple and beautiful, in meadows surrounded by forests.

We do our utmost to help honor the memory of those you love in the most fitting way, with whatever type of burial service you choose.

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We facilitate a variety of conservation measures to protect the natural cemetery preserve and restore native flora and fauna. 

Preserving the Land

Greensprings covers 130 acres of rolling meadows, spotted with evergreen groves, fringed by 10 acres of woods, and surrounded by 8,000 acres of protected forests. 

Stewardship is at the heart of everything we do at Greensprings. We have adopted practices that help maintain healthy open meadows where meadowlarks, northern harriers, bobolinks, and other birds can thrive. We have established an Ecological Advisory Committee to draw on the expertise of native plant and bird specialists, naturalists, and others with helpful insight and a desire to restore the native habitat.

We have some woody invasives and non native trees:  Norway spruce, autumn olive, and multiflora rose. We have many invasive herbaceous plants such as spotted knapweed, Canada thistle, and ox-eye daisy. Some of these non-native plants have pretty flowers and pleasant scents, but they push out native plants and fail to provide food for wildlife through tougher seasons. Ridding our land of these plants takes a great deal of work and time.

We hope you’ll consider donating or joining our Sustaining Member Program to help support these efforts and our mission to provide a sustainable and respectful alternative to conventional burial.

Greensprings was so much more than just the right thing, environmentally; it fulfills the real and traditional need of human beings to do everything they possibly can for their loved ones, even in death.
— Linda Holzbaur