Acceptable Plants

Native perennials, grasses and ferns may be planted at graves. We have a full list of allowed plants (right) and there are two demonstration gardens at the cemetery preserve. The list of allowable plants was carefully developed by Greensprings’ Ecological Advisory Committee.

Wait for the soil to settle at the grave site before planting; several months is preferable.  The sites are groomed in the spring, summer, and fall.  Plants are most likely to survive if planted in fall, avoiding the summer heat within the first weeks of planting.

Non-native plants will be removed. Please see our Rules and Regulations.

Plantings need proper planting, timely watering, and monitoring to survive. If your plants fail, you may wish to consult a native plants expert.



Dan Segal

The Plantsmen Nursery, 482 Peruville Rd, Groton, NY 13073 | 607-533-7193 |

Dan has served on Greensprings’ Ecological Advisory Committee, and his recommendations are incorporated in our commemorative plants list.


Memorial Tree & Shrub Plantings

We are developing a policy for planting commemorative trees and shrubs in selected memorial groves located in the West Meadow Burial Area. We will require that all trees and shrubs be planted by Greensprings staff to ensure their survival. A fee will be charged for this service.

We don’t allow the planting of trees or shrubs in most burial areas because the roots can extend into empty neighboring lots. An exception is the Sequential Burial Area in the West Meadow where graves are filled in sequence and the root growth will not be an issue.

When the policy is finalized, we will allow native commemorative trees and shrubs to be planted in the Sequential Burial Area as well as in the planned memorial groves.


View the full plant list with light and moisture conditions here.

Perennials, Herbaceous

  • anise hyssop
  • swamp milkweed
  • common milkweed
  • white wood aster
  • bigleaf aster
  • turtlehead
  • black cohosh
  • white snake root
  • joe-pye
  • boneset
  • sneezeweed
  • false sunflower
  • blueflag iris
  • cardinal flower
  • blue lobelia
  • Oswego tea
  • wild bergamot
  • sundrops
  • creeping phlox, moss phlox
  • mountain mint
  • cutleaf coneflower
  • senna
  • meadow rue
  • blue vervain
  • Culver's root
  • violet
  • golden alexanders

Grasses, Rushes, & Sedges

  • big bluestem
  • tufted hairgrass
  • Canada wildrye
  • bottlebrush grass
  • Virginia wildrye
  • sweet grass
  • soft rush
  • switchgrass
  • little bluestem
  • indian grass


  • cinnamon fern
  • Christmas fern
  • sensitive fern
  • wood fern

Vines & Ground Covers

  • virgin's bower