Acceptable Caskets

  • Plain, untreated, unvarnished wooden caskets, not made of rain forest hardwoods or other nonnative woods -- Jewish burial pine caskets are perfect

  • Cardboard, papier-mache, wicker

  • Homemade caskets should be no larger than 84"l, 28"w, 23"h.

If there is time prior to a loved ones death, a family member, friend or local woodworker can make the casket. Please do not make a casket from plywood or chipboard.


*Sources for casket plans:

*Sources for handcrafted caskets, including wood, papier-mache, and wicker

*Woodworkers in the Greensprings area:

Acceptable Shrouds

You may use a favorite blanket or quilt, though we ask that you use natural fibers (cotton, wool, silk, hemp). If there is enough time to plan ahead, you can also sew a shroud or body bag, or find a weaver or tailor who will make one for you.

The body must be securely wrapped from head to feet.

*Sources of Shrouds


Acceptable Grave Stones:

field stone.jpg

At Greensprings, gravestone markers must be natural, flat rocks, typically field stones, totalling no more than 400 square inches of surface area. No cut, machined or polished markers or monuments are permitted. We have a selection of stones you can choose from.

Stone markers are not required. However, if you would like to have a stone laid at the grave, you must contact us to arrange the installation. We use a system that requires a layer of pea gravel to provide a bed of support for the stone and ensure the entire setting is flush with the ground to prevent cracking during changes in weather or from our annual mowing. 

We charge a $100 fee to cover installation and maintenance costs. This may be purchased by visiting the “Stone Installation” link on our website.

*Stonecutters in the area:

Beth Rounds, (607) 742-5292


Contact us to arrange installation: Michelle Menter, Burial Co-Coordinator (607) 216-2784 or Jennifer Johnson, Burial Co-Coordinator (607) 329-2279.

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