Renew                                                      Sustain                                                  Endure

                                                             Renew                                                      Sustain                                                  Endure

                Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve

An ecologically sound burial option and a natural return to the Earth—simple, affordable and respectful of the human spirit.


Here's a link from the Ithaca Journal for our party this Saturday!

We don’t usually think of cemeteries as places for mirth, food, drink, music and dancing;  but that won't be the case on Sept. 24th, when Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve celebrates its 10th Anniversary. 

We are inviting our membership and anybody else in our community curious about  "green burials" to join us for an afternoon of fellowship, entertainment and education about Greensprings.  Final plans are still percolating but the party is slated for a tent on the property Sept. 24th, 2-5 p.m.  We’ll have kid-friendly activities in addition to strolls around the area led by knowledgeable guides. 

Please check our website  throughout the summer for updates on this emerging celebration.   If you have ideas or suggestions, please call Ken Zeserson at 607 379 0777 or

We hope you can join us on Sept. 24th!

Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve is located atop a beautiful hill in Newfield, NY, on 130 acres bounded by two adjoining forests of 8,000 acres. It offers a sustainable, natural alternative to conventional burials, without embalming fluids, high-cost coffins, concrete vaults and fancy gravestones.  At Greensprings, burial is simple.  People make their return to the Earth in a way that celebrates how they lived their lives.  Settling burial mounds, some marked with a flat field stone, blend in with their natural settings.

As one member noted, “Greensprings is so much more than just "doing the right thing. "Environmentally, it fulfills the traditional need of human beings to do everything they possibly can for their loved ones, even in death.”





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