Greensprings Natural Cemetery 2019 Annual Meeting and Other News


The 2019 Annual Meeting of Greensprings Natural Cemetery will be held Saturday, June 15 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the cemetery, rain or shine.

A light lunch will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring food to share if possible. If you can bring something, please contact Lynn Leopold at or at 607-273-3457. Lynn will make sure we don't end up with all deserts (although what's wrong with that!).

Election of board of trustees members will be conducted. All plot holders, staff, volunteers and friends are encouraged to attend. Tours will be available, but no sales will be conducted to allow staff and volunteers to also participate in the day's activities.

For more information on Greensprings and directions, please visit



The tree removal on the Bobolink Meadow side of the road (on the right as you approach the entrance) and behind the old farmhouse (which has been demolished and removed) has been completed. This work has several objectives: prepare for future expansion of the burial areas, reduce eventual cost of removing even larger and more numerous trees, provide habitat for grassland birds, encourage pollinators like monarch butterflies, and allow for more effective maintenance. The United State Department of Agriculture, through the Soil and Water Conservation Service, has provided partial funding for the improvements. Greensprings' Ecological Advisory Committee has provided guidance for the project.

Preparations for planting 75 bushes and trees, all intended to increase pollinator food sources have continued. Note a recent article on bees at Greensprings under "media" on our web site. It is hoped that the plantings will also beautify the entrance to the parking areas. Additional pollinator and grassland bird habitat improvements have taken place below the Leopold Overlook.

The possibility of a pet cemetery at Greensprings is still pending approval at the state level. Since by New York State law human cemeteries can not operate pet cemeteries, a five-acre parcel of land would be sold to an independent corporation. With 130 acres of land, Greensprings can easily accommodate a five-acre sale. It is thought the human and pet cemeteries, though separate, would be mutually supportive, with humans wanting to be buried near their pets. Both cemeteries would be more efficient, sharing equipment and maintenance. The pet cemetery would follow the same natural burial standards as Greensprings. The dilapidated house trailer across the driveway from the 5-acre site will hopefully be removed this year.



The extremely wet weather the past year or so has created problems with our equipment getting stuck while digging and filling graves. The wheeled vehicles also tear up the soil making some areas very muddy. One solution is to get a tracked excavator that could both dig and fill graves, saving time and fuel. Tracked vehicles were used for the tree removal and tore up the ground much less. The cost for a used excavator is about $35,000 and a new one $50,000 or more. Any contributions can be directed to our equipment and maintenance fund. When we have enough, we can purchase the tracked excavator. Raising this amount of money is a huge challenge, but the friends of Greensprings have been most generous in the past. Thank you!

There's more! Attend the Annual Meeting to learn more about all the challenges and progress at Greensprings. Direct any questions to me at or 607-342-0442.

Herb Engman

President Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve