Plan Ahead to Ensure Your Wishes are Fulfilled

  1. Buy a site, for which you receive a deed:

    • You may arrange a visit to select a site or have our staff select one for you.

    • Do not put your deed in a security box - these are often overlooked until after the burial.

    • Consider keeping the deed and a clear, simple note about your wishes with other important items like your birth certificate, other deeds, or living will.

  2. Find a funeral director who respects your wishes:

    • Talk with several and see how they respond.

    • Contact a local or regional funeral consumers alliance for funeral directors in your area. Start at

  3. Explain your plans to family and friends:

    • Show your loved ones your deed and explanation of your wishes and let them know where you will keep it.

    • If you relocate or rearrange your home, be sure to update your loved ones of the deed's new location.

Call Greensprings at (607)564-7577 to arrange a visit.