Some of our staff and trustees have been drawn to work with Greensprings after the burial of a loved one in the preserve. Some first became interested in the nature conservancy aspect of our work. Regardless of how we discovered Greensprings, we all share a desire to support its vital work and guide the organization through projects, financial challenges, and planning for the future. Our common goal is to help our patrons and their families find peace and comfort in a place that honors their memories and makes a meaningful contribution to the preservation of our natural environment.



Jen Johnson, Burial Coordinator   (607) 329-2279

Michelle Menter, Burial Co-Coordinator (607) 216-2784

Gundy Lee

Bruce Johnson



Herb Engman, President   (607) 342-0442

Deena Freed

Joanne James

Dan Klein

Peter Ladley

Lynn Leopold

Todd Livingston

Joel Rabinowitz

Roger Segelken

Robin Tuttle

Ken Zeserson



Interested in joining our board? Please contact us and tell us about yourself!

When we heard of Greensprings and realized it was near where we used to live, we knew it was right. Everyone at Greensprings was so accommodating, making me feel comfortable and giving me such good guidance.
— Eileen Roy