Important Announcement from Greensprings’ Executive Director

Dear Greensprings Members, Families and Friends:

I’m pleased to share some important news about Greensprings, and about me, personally. After almost eight years as Greensprings’ executive director, I am retiring, effective March 31. Beginning April 1, staff leadership will pass to Jennifer Johnson, our longtime burial coordinator, and to Jenn Foy, a Greensprings board member who has this month joined the staff. Jen and Jenn will be co-directors, and they’ll be supported by an assistant director, Chris Dunham.

Our leadership transition plan was developed earlier this year by me, Jen Johnson and the board of trustees, after I had informed the board (in 2014) that I wished to retire. Jen will continue to serve as burial coordinator, but she will take on new responsibilities for sales and for relations with site owners (members) and with families of loved ones buried at Greensprings. Chris Dunham will serve primarily as Jen’s assistant and backup. Jenn Foy will take over my administrative duties, as well as responsibility for marketing and development.

Last November, Greensprings achieved a goal that I had been working on for several years—the acquisition of a neighboring 30-acre parcel of land that is completely surrounded by the Greensprings property. The two properties were originally joined back when they comprised a working farm, and they are now reunited. Our new leadership team and the Greensprings Board of Trustees will be considering how to use the acquired land to best meet the needs of those who seek our services and visit the cemetery preserve. We’ll keep you informed of our progress.

As for me, although I’m delighted to be retiring, I will continue to be very involved with Greensprings as an active volunteer and board member, and as a resource for its staff. Greensprings is entering a new and exciting phase of its young existence, and I’m looking forward to being a part of that.

When I started as Greensprings’ executive director (July, 2007), the cemetery had been operating for barely a year. I am proud to have led Greensprings during these formative years, as it became known as a place for all who want a natural burial in a beautiful natural setting. Over the past eight years I’ve walked with many of you around the cemetery grounds, have spoken with you at our annual meetings, and sometimes I’ve been there for the burials of your loved ones or friends. It has been an honor to have helped connect you to this unique place, and it’s been my pleasure to have met so many of you.

Joel Rabinowitz